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Harland & Wolff (Scilly Ferries) Ltd. is a new ferry service launching in Spring 2024 operating between Penzance and St Mary’s.

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John Wood, Harland & Wolff CEO

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John Wood, Harland & Wolff CEO

A message from John Wood: Full steam ahead for Harland & Wolff in Scilly

Following an announcement by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group that they have signed a contract to build new vessels in Vietnam using private finance, Harland & Wolff CEO, John Wood, said:

“Harland & Wolff’s plans for the Isles of Scilly have comprised three pillars: fast ferry, freight and levelling-up-funded ro-pax vessels. We will continue to progress the activity within our gift and look forward to the launch of our fast ferry service in May alongside the growth and development of H&W Marine Services, formerly KMS, through which we aim to provide more than 50% of the freight market.

“We continue to believe that the most sustainable and affordable year-round fares for islanders can only be achieved through utilisation of levelling up funding and fear that residents and businesses will suffer if this once-in-a-generation funding is lost.

“But that is not in our gift, whereas our other plans are, and we look forward to working with the community to deliver faster and more competitive services very soon.”

John Wood, Harland & Wolff CEO

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